Thursday, March 17, 2011

70's Robert Mitchum

In the 70's Robert Mitchum starred in a couple lesser known Phillip Marlowe films.
Farewell, My Lovely and The Big Sleep.
in fact he's the only actor to play the role more than once theatrically.
I can't help but think Mitch would have made a terrific Marlowe had they been made 30 years earlier.
Original versions from the 40' s with Dick Powell in Murder, my Sweet, and Bogart in The Big Sleep are far superior. Mitchum is great here, but these later films just dont have the atmosphere.
And the underground adult book racket in The Big Sleep seems really hard to invision in todays world.
In addition to Bogart and Powell, some other notable actors have donned the role including James Garner, Elliot Gould and James Caan.

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