Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Orange County Choppers Rough Sketch

Rough sketch of the Orange County Chopper guys.
I haven't really worked out all the proportions or the likenesses for that matter. Just trying to capture the spirit of the show here.


Niall O loughlin said...

Nice one, how you keeping??

Mick said...

that show is so dull I can hardly believe it. Tranquiliser television.
I think a little of that 'nothing really going on' should be shown in the drawing. You know like someone orders a part and then someone fits that part all the while Pauly jnr's monotone description of the whole charade.
They make great bikes and could put a glass eye to sleep

Beast said...

Yeah, guess I can see how it would be dull. I've honestly never watched it with my undivided attention. I'm always drawing something while it's on, so I guess I don't notice it so much.

JPA studios said...

Some nice work on here man, hope your well


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